A difference in dentistry

We Don't Fill Holes. We Rebuild Teeth, biologically.

As a Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentist our main goal is to restore decayed and damaged teeth to near original strength while preserving as much natural tooth as possible.  We do this using adhesive bonding, layer by layer, rebuilding your tooth.

How do we do this?

We use micro-air abrasion to remove decay, never the high speed drill, that's reserved for removing old 'fillings'. Liquid stains and laser fluorescence tell us what part of the tooth is decayed and needs to be removed. We leave what's healthy.  The tooth is then treated with Ozone (see Ozone procedure) to eliminate any bacteria that may still be present. State of the art bonding materials are then used to seal and rebuild the tooth one layer at a time. Using the correct materials we are able to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth, seal it from bacterial invasion, and greatly reduce the amount of trauma inflicted.

Why do we do it this way?

As a dentist, my promise is to do what is best for the tooth by saving teeth and keeping them alive through minimal treatment. Micro-air abrasion allows us to remove decay without shots and without drills. Ozone is used on the tooth to help prevent recurrent decay by killing even the slightest amount of bacteria. Bonding to a tooth helps to maintain its natural structure and flexure. Traditional silver-mercury fillings need a specific shape or undercut in order to hold them in place, resulting in cracks, more tooth loss and no bond or seal to the tooth. By mimicking your natural tooth’s abilities we can greatly reduce the development of devastating fractures.


Dr. Ruefenacht runs a first class operation in all respects. The front office receptionist is polite, cheerful and very efficient - she will run and print out an estimate for all prospective services through your insurance company to confirm what they will pay and you will pay. Dr. Ruefenacht takes great care and uses advanced technologies to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible for crowns and fillings. He clearly explains his recommended course of treatment including the risks and tradeoffs. It is very reassuring to work with an experienced, communicative and honest dentist. Give him a try!
— John M.