Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of the tooth dies. This can be caused by trauma to the tooth or bacterial infection. Extensive decay and leakage under existing restorations allow the bacteria to penetrate the nerve.

The goal of Root Canal Therapy is to eliminate the infection. This is done by:
●      Using small files and irrigating liquids to remove the necrotic pulp
●      Ozone is then used to sterilize in the canals and dentinal tubules where traditional sterilants may be unable to reach.
●      All canals are then sealed

If left untreated the infection can:
●      Deteriorate the surrounding bone
●      Lead to tooth loss
●      Jeopardize the health of adjacent teeth
●      Spread throughout the body causing severe illness and death
Symptoms of a sick nerve can range from none at all to severe pain and swelling. Diagnosis is based upon symptoms, dental radiographs, and vitality testing.

Not all teeth can be saved, particularly those with failing root canals. Although ozone can penetrate into the body of the tooth to kill the bacteria causing the abscessed tooth, some infections are just too big even for ozone and colloidal silver. Dr. Ruefenacht will discuss the particulars of your case with you.