Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

We are proud to say Innovative Dental Solutions is kid tested, mother approved. That's because the approach we take with treating your child is pain-free and requires no shots or anesthesia. Our dental team is highly trained in the care of your child to ensure that we create an enjoyable experience so they aren't afraid to go to the dentist. A visit from the tooth fairy at the end of the exam never hurts either.

Our vocabulary is specifically designed to use fun and exciting terms while we treat your children. You'll hear us say a lot of funny words like squirt gun and smelly stuff and pockets full of air. That's not just because we are kids at heart, but because it's our standard of care when treating children.

Did we mention, moms and dads are part of our team! We insist that you are in the room during the office visit. It's hugely reassuring for your child to have you there, holding a hand or a foot.  It can get a little crowded but we make it work!


Why minimally invasive dentistry is the best for your child.

Because the best dentistry is no dentistry. It all starts with the child.

There is a better way through minimally invasive preventative treatment. Offering this form of treatment means no shots, no general anesthesia, never having stainless steel crowns and rarely root canals. Yes, we know it sounds impossible, but it's true. 

Sealants and decay prevention.

There is a better way. At Innovative Dental Solutions we use air-abrasion or a dental sandblaster, not a drill, to clean the chewing surface groove. This technique removes the mush without damaging the enamel. Now ozone therapy to kill the bugs that might be hiding out microscopically followed by a mineral sealer that thinks its enamel, to bond covalently to the enamel. These sealants can last decades. Most importantly they allow saliva chemistry to leak through the groove and harden the enamel, but bugs still cannot get in. (By the way, no shots and no drills.)

Why don't all dentists offer this?

Most dentist are happy practicing civil war dentistry. Doing root canals and stainless steel crowns generates a lot more income. In my office, no tooth deserves a crown; whether it’s a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. This really is better dentistry.

Have you been told your child needs stainless steel crowns or root canals (pulpotomies)?

STOP... don't do it. There is a better treatment solution. The goal in treating your child is decay management until the baby tooth is naturally lost.  So, less decay needs to be removed. Modern materials and techniques allow us to stop the decay and harden damaged areas; without shots, without general anesthesia and without the loud high-speed drills. 

What’s actually being recommended by traditional dentistry is treatment based on gross amputation, the surgical standard for the American Civil War. We refer to this as ‘civil-war' dentistry. These treatments can be traumatic to a child, let alone an adult. 

Before you book your next stainless steel crown appointment or procedure, call Innovative Dental Solutions for a second opinion. 

We Love Kids!

Calie & Mom visit Dr. Ruefenacht:

Dr. C fixed my tooth without a shot!” - Calie
Mom - “I couldn’t believe what I was watching and I was there! I’ve never seen anything like it. She just sat there, no pain, and no shots!
— Calie & Mom