For your convenience, below you will find all forms necessary to begin your appointment. Please complete your online forms before your appointment by clicking on the form button below and downloading your PDF. Please bring these completed forms to our office at the time of your appointment. You may also choose to arrive to your appointment 15 minutes early and fill them out in our office. Thank you.


We accept most dental insurance plans although we might not be “on the list”.   We go to great lengths to document the reasons for treatment so that you get the benefits that you’ve paid for.  Nonetheless, policy rules aren’t necessarily based on “best science”.  For example, some treatment is denied knowing that on average, employees last about 2 years under a plan.  If treatment is denied, you might be off the plan when the issue is raised again and the insurance company doesn’t have to “pay”.

A little history:  insurance became fairly common in the late 1960’s with annual benefits of about $1,000.  My dad’s records show that he was charging about $100 per crown then.  So you can see that in two years, you could have 20 crowns which constitutes full mouth reconstruction. Today, you still get $1,000 but that’s a fraction of the fee for a single crown.  

HMO, and increasingly PPO plans ask me to accept a fee schedule that is 10-15 years out of date.  Unfortunately, my suppliers, employees, labs and even PG&E want to be paid on 2016 rates.  You can have cheap but not excellent and cheap.


We are not contracted with any HMO's, but we would be happy to secure the best benefits possible for you.  Dr. Ruefenacht doesn't find it possible to deliver the quality of care he feels his patients deserve at the very low reimbursement levels offered by HMO plans. (See our philosophy above to better understand.) Our office is not structured in such a way to offer high volume production, you may find a HMO clinic can better serve your needs. 

Our office focuses on Biomimetic Dentistry purely based on adhesive techniques that are minimally invasive and save teeth rather than amputate them as seen in Civil War Dentistry.  Our philosophy of practicing these techniques is to save teeth and avoid root canals. Dr. Ruefenacht basis these techniques on careful and thoughtful analysis which avoid mercury fillings which break teeth and traditional crowns which kill nerves. 

We are affiliated with a few PPO plans, inherited from the senior Dr. Ruefenacht.  We are not contracting any new PPO plans but will provide necessary documentation for you to secure the benefit coverage you deserve.