Bone Grafting


Bone Grafting

What is Bone Grafting?
Adding an artificial product to your jawbone to grow more of it.  Whether the solution is a denture, a bridge or an implant you need bone! 

Why should I have Bone Grafting?
To preserve your jawbone.

When it is not possible to save a tooth and the tooth must be extracted, the body decides to use the bone somewhere else. It melts away and you lose bone around the neighboring teeth. Not good. Grafting maximizes the amount of bone remaining by getting bone cells to fill the hole in the jawbone quickly. Grafting protects the adjacent teeth and makes tooth replacement much easier and more aesthetic. Whether doing a bridge or implant the more bone we have the better it is. Grafting is the way!

It it too late for me?
Most of the time, "No"!

What are Bone Graft's made of?
Traditionally, bone grafts come from 6 sources:

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Human Cadaver
  • Your Own Bone
  • Plastic Particles (artificial)
  • Ceramic Particles (artificial)

A Better Way:
At Innovative Dental we don't use any of these, as they are not native materials to you. We use a novel product from Steiner Biotechnology, for accelerated natural bone growth. No foreign proteins, no foreign particles. Think of it as bone fertilizer. Socket Putty® works with your body naturally to grow bone fast and without inflammation due to rejection of foreign materials. In the end, it's 100% you.
Growing Bone. 
While bone is a hard, dense tissue, it's also fragile. Give bone the right mix of pH, minerals, nutrients and then protect it with an Invisalign®-type retainer, we can heal bone in 6 to 12 weeks, instead of the usual 6 to 12 months. 

For more information about Steiner Biotechnology or for how it 'really' works visit their site by clicking here.