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Meet Innovative Dental Solutions

We are a biomimetic dental practice. What does that mean? Less painful. Less invasive. Less expensive over time. We are not your average drill and fill dental practice. We rebuild teeth and make them stronger, and in most cases eliminate the need for root canals and crowns. The use of Ozone plays a key role in this process. Before you schedule your next dental appointment, call us. 

At Innovative Dental Solutions we offer you a modern approach to civil war dentistry. With the use of modern science and our focus on the natural make up of your teeth, we are able to provide minimally invasive techniques that save your teeth and make them stronger. After all, you shouldn't have to cringe when thinking about visiting the dentist office. 

Kid Tested, Mother Approved Dentistry

It goes without saying that parents fear that their child's dental visit might be like their own first visit, painful. With minimally invasive Biomimetic Dentistry we are able to provide an experience unparalleled to traditional dentistry. This means without pain, without general anesthesia and without shots; yes that means without injections! We insist mom or dad be in the room with us during the procedure. Our dentist, assistants and hygienist work in tandem to make the experience fast and enjoyable. We use buzzwords like powder spray, bumpy machine, puffs of magic air. It's almost like magic! Come see the difference. (The tooth fairy has been known to make appearances during your child's visit, but don't tell them!)


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He is an excellent dentist. Had a major problem with old root canals, abscess and pain. He took care of me in a timely manner, removing teeth and worked hard to make sure my infection was resolved. I have two beautiful implants that look great. The staff is caring and professional as well. A big Thank YOU!!!!


Extraordinary Doctor. Compassionate, smart and super confident. I wished I lived in this area to switch my entire family to his practice. Two hour drive from Saratoga was worth his expert opinion!


Dr. Ruefenacht runs a first class operation in all respects. The front office receptionist is polite, cheerful and very efficient - she will run and print out an estimate for all prospective services through your insurance company to confirm what they will pay and you will pay. Dr. Ruefenacht takes great care and uses advanced technologies to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible for crowns and fillings. He clearly explains his recommended course of treatment including the risks and tradeoffs. It is very reassuring to work with an experienced, communicative and honest dentist. Give him a try!


Our family dentist wanted to crown my husband’s damaged molar, which is standard procedure but requires destroying most of the tooth just to put a porcelain crown over it. I knew there had to be a way to save most of his tooth, because it was only the back of his tooth that had cracked off. So, I looked up alternative methods for fixing such damage and came across Dr. Ruefenacht and the reviews on Yelp.

Before the initial consultation, I was thinking we would get bad news. because of the insistence of our dentist that a crown was the only option. Dr. Ruefenacht went right in and took an impression after drilling out the bad portions of his tooth and prepping it to attach the broken piece that would later be added. I was shocked that he was able to save most of the tooth. My husband hates going to the dentist but was pleased with the doc’s treatment and professionalism. He said it wasn’t rough at all.

On the second visit, the new composite piece was attached to his old tooth and voila! It looks just like a healthy tooth—no silver, no crown. I’m switching dentists now. And my husband will be going to Dr. Ruefenacht for future visits as well. This man is talented!
— ruth b (moved 2.5 hours away and are still patients today)


Dr. Ruefenacht and I have been close personal friends for many years. It has been fun for me to listen to his stories in continuing education and what he was learning and discovering in futuristic dentistry. Three years ago, I decided if anyone was able to fix my messed up mouth full of teeth it would be him. I turned myself over to him for a full rebuild. The result was as dramatic as my lasik surgery years ago. Like my eyesight, my smile went from a negative to a positive. Thank goodness for leading edge medical and dental expertise!
— David Stevens


Our Promise

Our method of treatment gets straight to the point. We are here to save teeth, period. Thanks to science, we’re able to offer an alternative to drilling cavities and placing 'civil war' crowns. We want to avoid treatment that kills teeth. We also use Ozone Therapy to desensitize cold sensitive teeth and to kill viruses that can cause canker sores, stopping pain almost immediately. Ozone also fights off bacteria that cause your teeth to decay. Say hello to the future of dentistry and goodbye to dreading your next visit.


About Dr. Ruefenacht

Meet the dentist behind the lenses

Dr. Ruefenacht received his dental degree from the same dental school as his father, the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, the University of the Pacific where Dr. Ruefenacht and his instructor opened one of the first boxes of tooth colored filling material.  He has been pursuing the science of adhesive materials ever since and lectures internationally on the ability to return damaged teeth back to original strength and function without conventional crowns.

Amongst his many interests in delivering comprehensive dental medicine, he completed a two-year training program in naturopathic and holistic treatment approaches.  He received his certificate from the the School of Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine for which he also taught advanced adhesive techniques.

Dr. Ruefenacht and his wife have 5 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 son-in-law's.  You can say he's had some experience with children! He has also enjoyed many adult leadership roles in Boy Scouts of America, including Scoutmaster.

He has a passion for photography and you can find his photos adorning his office walls.

Growing up you could always find Dr. Ruefenacht following his father. Most joke that he went to dental school twice; once when he was 5 and then again to get it right. 

At heart, he's an explorer.  Probably got it from his dad who was a machinist first, Phi Beta Kappa philosophy major and then dentist.  Important conversations always involved "How?", "Why?" and, "Is it right?", which can truly tell the story of his passion for better dentistry.